When the best of us step up, our nation stands a little taller


Every kind act, every thoughtful gesture, every act of inclusion — no matter how small — makes our nation’s journey a better one. Because We All Play for Canada.


“In a really nice piece of work, the spot takes several themes of Canadian identity to contextualize Canadian Tire’s support for the athletes of the Olympics. Under the concept of ‘stepping up’ for Canada, it touches our pride in Canada’s peace keepers, healthcare, our immigration policy, our veterans and indeed our workers and mothers.Positioning the support for our athletes in this way deepens the Canadian-ness of the appeal, helps deflect criticism of being too exploitive of the Olympics and its athletes, and reaches deeper in achieving a connection with the viewer on being truly Canadian.”
– Alan Middleton, Marketing prof. at Schulich School of Business, York University.

To commemorate the Rio 2016 Olympics we asked eight Canadian Olympians and Paralympians to create a unique impression of their sport with red paint. These impressions were then brought together to create a maple leaf like no other. A testament to the pride we feel as our athletes come together to compete on the world stage. And a poignant reminder that as the best of our athletes step up in Rio, it is our nation that stands a little taller. We All Play for Canada.






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