When the best of us steps up, our nation stands a little taller


Emotional story of Canadian kindness and inclusiveness takes going viral to a new level.
Over 252 million unpaid views and 4.1 million shares.


“This is a heartwarming ad to promote #inclusion! Well done, @CanadianTire!”
Paralympic Games (@Paralympics)

“Well done @CanadianTire Great example of #sport #omnclusion. @ParticipACTION #children #disability #basketball”
SCIAction Canada (@SCIActionCanada)


Every kind act, every thoughtful gesture, every act of inclusion — no matter how small — makes our nation’s journey a better one.


“LOVE the @CanadianTire commercials w/ their message of inclusivity & Canadian values. The cricket one = happy tears #StepUpStandTall”
“#StepUpStandTall LOVE LOVE the #CanadianTire commercial with the #IndoCanadian kid that hits that baseball home run #cricket style”
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