Canadian Tire was ready to shake the dust off its iconic brand and start building a stronger emotional connection with Canadians. We took it as an incredible challenge: to rally the country, their employees and all 72 of their partners from grassroots sports teams to the Canadian Olympic Committee behind one motivating idea.

We realized there was a common thread that bound them all together: a love of play. And with that insight, we built a multi-year, multi-channel Cause Marketing campaign that inspired everyone.

We called it We All Play For Canada


  • Canadian Tire became Tier 1 Olympic sponsor in unprecedented 1st year of sponsorship
  • Online Awareness quadrupled Ipsos tracking norm and positive vs. negative sentiment in Canadian Tire social media hit an all-time high
  • Ranked #1 out of 25 Olympic campaigns for “Connected with me” and “Improved your opinion of the company”
  • And get this: even though none of our ads focused on products , consumers became far more likely to consider buying…from this company and increasingly felt this was a brand that cares about the well-being of Canadians