Go RVing offered us a major challenge: to convince Canadian families in the midst of a recession that an RV was a worthwhile purchase. This led to the first ever Canadian strategy and campaign. The thought that families needed to “get away to get closer” became the driving insight behind our creative. Over several years we explored how technology and over-scheduling were impacting families and how going RVing could be a solution.


  • Significant improvements across multiple measures & sparked interest with new, younger consumers
  • Drove all-time high awareness for Go RVing
  • Hit unprecedented memorability & likeability scores
  • Consistent improvement on all key image measures, for 5 straight years
  • Click through rates 2-3 times industry averages
  • Web hits had dropped -50% vya. Once campaign hit, they climbed back up to the previous year’s level and then consistently grew year after year