Jumpstart is Canadian Tire’s registered charity dedicated to helping kids across Canada get into organized sports. They came to us for a campaign that would remind families who faced financial barriers that Jumpstart was there to help.

It occurred to us that most children’s charities told the story of a melancholic child who is left on the sidelines. So we decided to zig.

We noticed an even bigger story at play— that when a parent can’t afford to enrol their kids into organized sports, it doesn’t just take the kid out of the game, but it takes the entire family out too. Mom can’t pat her son on the back after a great play, dad can’t go on a road trip with his daughters for an away game, and a sister can’t cheer on her siblings.

So we told the story from the parent’s perspective. The results were the most impressive the charity has ever seen.



  • Jumpstart Month donations climbed +63% versus the previous year