The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre was in critical condition. It needed to raise a whopping $10 million dollars in just 6 short months. If that wasn’t tough enough, the stigma of mental health was acting as a barrier of support. We needed to shift perceptions quickly.

So we got to work. We developed two phases of the campaign to not only change perspectives, but to do so in a way that would motivate donations.

The first phase created empathy and the second intrigue, but both set out to deliver our insight: if you are blessed with a healthy mind, you have the ability to see many reasons to give.




  • The ROHMC actually exceeded its goal, raising well over the seemingly impossible $10 million dollars in donations
  • Raised awareness and overcame stigma, with 60% of the donors contributed for the first time
  • A gold CMA Effectiveness Award: judged the top fund-raising campaign in the country