There’s no bigger potential to motivate change and influence consumer attitudes than launching a new company from scratch. When WIND gave us a call asking if we could help launch their brand in just 7 months, we knew it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

We started by tapping into the very thing that people weren’t getting from their big providers: a two way dialogue. This lead to the insight that “conversations make things better” and the idea, “The Power of Conversation”.

We took the country’s frustration with wireless carriers and turned it into a collaborative, inspiring and productive relationship with a new brand.


It was the most successful wireless launch in recent history. We surpassed both competitors and targets on key measures in third party tracking, engagement and acquisition rates

  • WIND became the #1 brand consumers cited when asked who they’d want to switch to
  • In just 6 months, surpassed all competitors’ engagement levels at the time, with highly committed advocates
  • WIND acquired subscribers at a rate 2.73 times faster than the last entrant Koodo
  • Became the fastest growing wireless carrier in the country
  • Achieved 50% market share of new subscribers in markets launched
  • The campaign was one of the most awarded at CMA Awards for Effectiveness, winning across Integrated, Digital, & PR.